Cover "multi-position" dumpster - roll stainless bar for Club cabin

Fullback Dumpster Covers - Multiposition + Rollbar - Club Cabin

Cover Benne "Multi-positions" - roll bar stainless steel or black for Club Cabin FIAT Fullback from 2016


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Cover Benne Multi-positions with Arceau Inox Fiat Fullback

For Club Cabine from 2016

- Painted in color manufacturer

- Equipped with articulated arms, opening at 45 degrees or at cabin height

- Waterproofing the dumpster

- It is possible to ride with the dumpster cover open at cabin height (safety pins)

- Locking

- Comes with Inox hoop

- Compatible with the dumpster tray without a ledge


$2,390.00 €1,434.00

Data sheet
Brand - Model:
Fiat Fullback
Mitsubishi L200
Model years:
2016 to today
Body type:
Cabin Club
Benne Bac Compatible:
Yes - Without a Rebord

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