Hard Top Luxury Type E Ford Ranger

Hard Top Luxury Type E Ford Ranger


Hard Top Luxe Type E+ for Ford Ranger

For Double Cabin from 2012

- Original Ford color-coded paint

- Rear window defrosting

- Central locking (control of the lock with the original key of the vehicle)

- Tinted side windows and tailgate window

- Side compass openings

- Roof at cabin height

- Felt interior

- Interior lighting

- 3rd integrated stop lamp

- Stainless steel screws and hinges

- Roof gallery, load capacity of 75kg

- Compatible with dumpster tray without ledges


Hard Top Ford Type E-Luxury for Ford Ranger

For Super Cabin from 2012

- Centralized closure system that works with the vehicle's original key

- Compatible with dumpster tray with no ledges preferably

- Painted in color code manufacturer FORD

- Black tinted side windows and tailgate window

- Compass side openings

- Rocking cabin side window

- Roof at cabin height

- Defrosting the rear bezel

- Felt interior

- 3rd built-in stop light

- Stainless screws and hinge

- Integrated roof gallery with a load capacity of 75kg