Isuzu D Max Side Steps

D Max Side Steps

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€1,898.00 -75%

Set of 2 electric electric side steps in Black Steel for Isuzu D Max RT50 Crew Cabin (Double Cabin) from 2012

Deploy and automatically slip away with opening and closing doors

The E-step is the accessory of the year for the Isuzu D Max! Fashion and trend but also very practical, greatly facilitates the ascent and descent of your Pick-Up for yourself but also for the people who accompany you and who are not used to this type of vehicle.

Avoid damaging body stockings and door sills with each climb/descent

The most essential that makes all the difference!

- Available also in stainless steel
- Neoprene non-slip skates
- Installation without drilling

€1,898.00 -75%

Set of 2 Stainless Steel Electric Side Steps for Isuzu Dmax

For Crew Cabin from 2012

- Motorized electric side steps

- Deploy and escape automatically with the opening and closing of doors

- It facilitates the boarding and alighting of the driver and passengers

- Fashion and trend but also very practical

- Equipped with anti-closing security if an object is between the step and the cabin (protection of the legs and feet against any risk of incident)

- Can be operated manually by an indoor switch

- Avoid damaging the body sills and door sills on each ascent and descent

- Neoprene non-slip skates

- Available in matte black Epoxy steel or stainless steel

- Installation without drilling

- Requires a connection by electrical beam provided

- Maximum load: 120 kg