Toyota Hilux Sliding Plateau

Hilux Sliding Plateau

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Sliding dumpster tray for double cabin only:

Actyon dual cab dumpster tray, Amarok double cab, BT-50 double cab, D Max double cab,Fullback double cab, Goa double cab, Hilux double cab, L200 double cab, Navara double cab, Ram double cab, Ranger double cab


Toyota Hilux Revo Sliding Benne Plateau

Double Cabin from 2016

- Matter: Composite wood

- Type 3/Wide Version - Full width between the wheel passage

- Supports 250 kg of load

- Metal frame with anchor points - 3 possible locking notches

- Mounted on bearing specially designed for heavy load

- With safety ledge

- Easy to use - Handle with push button

- Cleans with water spray very easily

- Height between the bottom of the dumpster and the tray: 11 to 15 cm

- Indicative time: 1 hour and 30 hours

- Mounting without drilling