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Track evaders for Toyota Hilux

from 2005

Lot of 4 lane wideners in Alu -30mm per side

Double bolting
Model: Hilux 4WD
Type N25 after 2005
30mm thickness
Holes: 6
Entrax: 6x139.7

Diam. Alésage: 106mm


This model of track wideners is equipped with steel insert to use the original screws.
The widener is attached to the hub using the screws provided, and the wheel is attached to the widener using the vehicle's original screws.


Toyota Hilux Front and Rear Fender Flares Extenders

Revo Double Cabin from 2016

- Perfectly match the lines of your body.

- Give your Hilux a more "sporty" design

- Fender Flares enlargement - 5 cm

- Colors: matte black

- Perfectly suited to the Hilux equipped with bavettes

- Require body piercing