VW Amarok accessories

VW Amarok accessories

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Aluminium barrel cover

All Models in Double Cabin

- Aluminium colour

- Composition: Streaked Aluminium

- Indicative time: 2 hours

- Opening at 45 degrees and mounted on gas cylinders

- Rails that allow the addition of sliding bars (up to 70 kg of extra load)

- Secure closure with handle - 2 keys provided

- Easy cleaning and maintenance

- Installation: Fast and without drilling

Compatible with a dumpster tray without a ledge

Track Expanders for Volkswagen Amarok

Available for Double Cabin or Simple Cabin

- Kit of 4 track wideners (up to 30mm per side)

- Composition: aluminium

- Double bolting

- Thickness 30mm per extender

- Holes: 5

- Entraxe 5x120

- Indicative time: 40 min

- Attaches to the hub of the wheel and the rim attaches to the track widener thanks to the double bolting

Hard Top SJS Prestige VOLKSWAGEN Amarok

For Double Cabin models

- Available in Volkswagen Amarok colour code
- Composition: fiber
- Compatible with dumpster bin
- Tinted tailgate glass
- Sliding window on the cabin side
- Roof rails that can hold port bars
- Body-colored tinted beak with 3rd stop light
- Vinyl interior coating
- Indoor lighting
- Centralized closure
- Indicative time: 3:00 a.m.
Don't forget in Options:

- Sliding bars.

Sliding dumpster tray

For models

- Black color

- Composition: composite wood

- Indicative time: 1 hour and 30 hours

- Mounting with drilling

- Loading up to 250 kg in extended position

- Dimensions: 138 cm long, 133 cm wide,

- Without the support 18 cm high and with the support 24 cm high

- Easy to use - Handle with push button

- Assembly kit included