Amarok Sliding Plateau

Amarok Sliding Plateau

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Sliding dumpster tray for double cabin only:

Actyon dual cab dumpster tray, Amarok double cab, BT-50 double cab, D Max double cab,Fullback double cab, Goa double cab, Hilux double cab, L200 double cab, Navara double cab, Ram double cab, Ranger double cab


Sliding dumpster tray

For models

- Black color

- Composition: composite wood

- Indicative time: 1 hour and 30 hours

- Mounting with drilling

- Loading up to 250 kg in extended position

- Dimensions: 138 cm long, 133 cm wide,

- Without the support 18 cm high and with the support 24 cm high

- Easy to use - Handle with push button

- Assembly kit included