Renault Alaskan accessories

Renault Alaskan accessories

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Universal Benne Box

Brand Aeroklas

(See below if the dimensions are compatible with your dumpster)

- Secured with lock and lock

- Fully waterproof and anti-UV treated

- Functional interior partition with removable tablets

- Fixing in the bottom of a dumpster

Dimensions in cm:

- Exterior: 144 x 58 X 53.5 (L x l X h)

- Interior: 100 x 38 (L x l)

- Opening: 94 x 44 (L x l)

Hard Top Luxury Type E Alaskan Glass

For Double Cabin models from 2017

- Available in manufacturer's color code
- Composition: fiber
- Compatible with dumpster bin
- Side windows with tinted windows, compass opening
- Sliding window on the cabin side
- SECURIT glass glazing
- "Sport track" roof gallery
- Body-colored tinted beak with 3rd built-in stop light
- Inner covering in felt
- Indoor lighting
- Rear bezel defroster
- Centralized closure
- Indicative time: 3:00 a.m.
Don't forget in Options:
- Sliding bars.

Universal Benne Box

- Triple-opening toolbox

- Easy use and opening

- 2 side locks and central aperture button (advanced security lock for maximum object protection).

- Fully waterproof and UV-treated

- Fixing in the bottom of a dumpster, installation without drilling

- Composition: MDPE, very light and very resistant toolbox

- Compatible with dumpster tray with or without ledge

- Incompatible stainless steel arch

Dimensions in cm:

- Exterior: 146 x 61 X 53 (L x l X h)