Hard Top Mercedes X-Class

Hard Top X-Class

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Hard Top Sjs Prestige for Ford Ranger

For Double Cabin from 2012

- Originally ford colour-coded paint

- Centralized closure

- Tinted tailgate glass

- Tinted sliding side windows

- Sliding window on the cabin side

- Roof rails that can accommodate carry bars (BUC3 - complementary product below)

- Body-colored tinted beak with 3rd stop light

- Vinyl interior coating

- Indoor lighting

- Compatible with dumpster bin


Butterfly windows (glazed or fiber, Ford colour-coded paint)


Hard top Type E Luxury

For Mercedes X-Class Double Cabin only

For models from 2017

The Hard top is equipped with:

- Black tinted side windows with compass opening

- Sliding window on the cabin side

- Defrosting the rear bezel

- Glass-glazed hayon with central closure

- Stainless steel locking system

- SECURIT glass glazing

- Inner finish in felt

- Interior lighting

- Roof and spout gallery

- Color-coded fiber composition

- Indicative time: 3:00 a.m.