Monster Raptor Pack

Monster Raptor Pack

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Ford Ranger hitch

For Simple, Double and Super Cabin from 2012 to 2015

- Standard 50T fixed hitch

- Value S 200Kg

- Approved to EC 94/20 and R55 standards

- Sun editing 95/90 - Diam 17 (x2)

- Steel material

- Approved according to European standards

- Maximum tow weight 3500 kg

- Value D 17 KN

- No bumper cutting

- The installation requires the dismantling of the bumper

- Indicative time: 2H


Retractable Track Back for Ford Ranger

For Ranger from 2012

- Unfolds and folds with a simple foot support

- Compatible only with a Ranger with a rear bumper

- Not compatible with the original Ford stainless steel bar

- Not compatible with a hitch

- Supports a load of 150 kg

- Attention does not mount on a Raptor / There is a specific reference for the Raptor